Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Soup Party

Soups: Ginger Root Vegetable, Steak Chili, Matzoh Ball

Can I take a second to talk about one of my favorite parties of the year? Soup Day. The party was on Sunday and we had such a great time. We played Celebrity (I was Socrates, Tahnee was Stephen King, and Sam was Tom Hanks), watched football, and hung out with a baby. Magic.

There are lots of reasons why Soup Day is the greatest. See the aforementioned Celebrity, Football, and Baby. But the star of the party is definitely the soup. A few reasons why soup really is a great theme: 

First: Timing. My friend Molly has the party in January, which is peak soup weather. I mean, when it is so cold outside that my feet are freezing even though I'm wearing socks and am under 3 blankets, a bowl of piping soup is like a warm hug for your internal organs.

Second: Simplicity. Soup is the perfect potluck item. You don't have to worry about portions, just make one pot. And if people bring crockpots you can plug them in in different spots and they will keep themselves warm and ready without much supervision. Plus soup means you can have plenty of crusty bread, which is great. People love crusty bread. We're like pigeons that way.

Third: Variety. Every year (and they have been doing this a lot of years) there are at least 10 different kinds of soup to try. So much fun and it never gets boring. This year I had my first ever Matzoh Ball Soup, there was also Chili, Ginger Root Vegetable, Turkey and Kale, Cauliflower Puree, and a bunch more I didn't even get to. It is so fun to try so many different kinds of soup, and if you come across one that isn't your favorite, you just move onto the next.

As you can see, the virtues of a Soup Party are plentiful. Hopefully this inspires you to gather some friends and break out your crock pots. But if you still aren't convinced, consider this: I ate a bunch of soup and I haven't caught a cold or flu yet. Let's hope I can ride this magical soup wave out until Spring.

Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY: Concert Ticket Magnets

Ticket Stub Magnets

So, like I said in my last post, I moved. Moving forces you to ask yourself the hard questions. Like, the 4th time you've moved your collection of vintage cassingles, you have to wonder "What am I doing with these things?"

My box of ticket stubs definitely falls into that category. I mean, it isn't taking up any valuable real estate, but if I'm not using them for something cool then why am I even keeping them? Because really, ticket stubs are super cool. People don't usually go to "meh" concerts, they go to awesome ones. So why keep a tangible reminder of that awesomeness stuffed away in a box in your closet? These magnets are quick, easy, and every time you get orange juice out of the fridge you can reminisce about those great nights. (Additionally, the big national love day is coming up, and if you keep tickets as date mementos, these are a really sweet gift.)

  • Ticket Stubs
  • Laser Printer
  • Glue Stick or Spray Glue
  • Chipboard or the back cover of an old notebook
  • Aleene's Paper Glaze
  • Hot Glue
  • Magnets

The first step is to scan your ticket stubs, and use a program to resize your tickets. I made mine 3 inches wide. (Make sure when you re-size it you lock your proportions, or they will end up looking wonky) Then print your image out with a laser jet printer and use a glue stick or some spray glue (where have you been all my life?) to mount them onto some chip board or the the back cover of an old notebook or something. Finally trim your tickets to size with a paper cutter or some scissors.

Once you have your tickets trimmed, cover them with the paper glaze. I used Aleene's cause I'm a fan of her tacky glue, but there are other brands. The technique I used was sort of similar to flooding an iced cookie. Outline first, then fill in the middle. Kind of fun. Also, it made me want a cookie. Try to pop any bubbles.

Now let them dry overnight. Don't put too much on, otherwise the glaze will just slowly ooze off. As the glaze dries it will turn clear and shiny. After 24 hours mine were good, but there was one little cloudy spot that took another day to totally set.

DIY Ticket Magnet

Last, attach magnets to the back with hot glue. You can buy rolls of magnets at a craft store, but I just used an old promotional magnet from my dentist (for both recycling and being cheap purposes). There, now show everyone how cool and cultured you are. The best part of this project is that even if you don't have a box of old ticket stubs lying around, you can still make them thanks to this modern internet age. Did you ever see the Beatles play live? Well, who says you can't pretend?

Some other great ticket stub projects, while we're at it:
  • Or make a giant ticket stub wall hanging, if you have 5 dollars and know how to order an Engineering Print from Staples.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Lazy Blogger and her Holiday Cards (Subtitled: Gnome for the Holidays)

Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters
I know, I know. Where have I been? What kind of blogger doesn't make a New Year's Resolution to blog more? Isn't that like the industry standard? These are the questions that literally tens of readers are asking.

Please let me explain my absence. I moved. Totally unexpectedly. The decision took a few hours, but the actual moving process has been a little bit slower. So most of my good craft things have been all packed up. You know how they say to have an "Open First" box when you move? Do that. And make sure you put your glue gun in it.

Seriously though, I moved in with my dear friend Michelle in Logan Square. We have known each other forever. Michelle saw me through my awkward High School years and has decided to stick around right through my awkward adulthood. She is sweet and wonderful and she has a dishwasher. Basically the roommate jackpot.

The good news is I have a backlog of craft ideas that I'll be blogging very soon. Like, this week. I swear. In the meantime I wanted to share my holiday cards. I officially crossed the first thing off of my Thirty before 30 list when I printed these at Spudnik Press. They were simple but I think they turned out well, with some cool noise in the screen. I just printed on the front and back of cardstock I cut, and then I picked up an inexpensive corner rounder to make them look a little neater. I like how they turned out, but next year I'll start working on them a bit earlier.

Lots of inks that make me happy.
I hope your 2013 has started off well, and I will be back later this week with a new project!