Friday, April 27, 2012

Outside Oslo Pillows

Check out my new pillows! Okay, well they're not exactly new, I'm just getting around to putting them online, technically they're like 6 months old. But if the pillows were babies they wouldn't even be able to crawl yet, so kinda new? Think about it.

But anyways I really did want to share these pillows I made because the fabric is designed by my favorite blogger ever, Jessica Jones from How About Orange! Jessica's blog is a constant source of inspiration and fun, so when I saw her Outside Oslo fabric I knew I had to put it into my living room somehow. And it didn't hurt that it goes very well with my This American Life poster.

They look great together right?

You can buy Jessica's fabric here on etsy (it even comes in laminated, which is awesome), or if you're in Chicago you can just stop by The Needle Shop, which is where I got mine. If you use it to make an awesome summer bag, please know that I will be very jealous.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What to do With Your Instagrams

I was pretty excited last earlier this month when Instagram finally came to android. I'm sort of a recent convert to the smartphone nation, and the main reason I finally gave in was because my old phone had a really crappy camera. The idea of easily snapping fun pictures and instantly sharing them was irresistible, so this was perfect for me.

Apparently the android version was downloaded over 5 million times in a week. And that doesn't even count iphone users. That is a lot of pictures.

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Here are a few things I'm excited to do with my instagrams once I've taken enough.

via Blurb

Make a Blurb book. I'm not a big scrapbooker, but this seems like a much cooler way to make a photo album. Plus the process to import your photos is really easy and you can order multiple copies. Sounds good to me.


Print some stickers! Sure you could probably just print instagrams on any old website, but ARTFLAKES lets you import your photos and print them as giant removable stickers. That is way more fun.

via Sitchtagram

Turn your photos into custom throw pillows. By far the priciest option out there for printing your pics, but $100 isn't so bad for some one of a kind home decor. I have to say, if they ever start making quilts, I may be sold.

Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY: Painted Cap Toe Ballet Flats

I have this dream that someday I'll be rich and famous and giving a magazine a tour of my house and after we see my fabulous craft studio, outdoor pizza oven, and special room with trampoline floors, I open the door to my walk in shoe closet to reveal the world's most comprehensive collection of cute ballet flats. It is going to be amazing.

My collection got just a little sweeter on a recent trip to Walmart when I came across these flats. They are a perfect blank canvas and best of all they're only 5 bucks. It took all my strength not to fill my cart with them Supermarket Sweep style. I settled on starting with one pair to make some DIY cap toe flats in a punchy blue color. To make your own all you will need a pair of fabric flats, some tape and fabric paint.

Start by taping off the top of your shoe to make the cap area. I found this was easiest to do if I was wearing them at the time, that way I made sure I got the line straight and even. After you've taped off your cap (taking care to press down the tape so no paint seeps under) you may also want to tape off the sole of the shoe to keep things looking neat.

After one coat of paint

Then use a fabric paint and a sponge brush to paint the taped off area. I wanted a bright blue color so I used Simply Screen in Blue Hawaii, but I considered a neon pink, and of course I think these would look great in glitter.

Some tips for painting: if your shoes are dark and your paint is lighter like mine, you'll need a few coats. You want to use multiple thin coats, like a manicure. Resist the urge to just glob it on thickly. Also, paint carefully so you don't accidently pull up the tape and ruin your line. Once the paint is set, but not totally dry, slowly peel off the tape. Let the shoes dry for the recommended amount of time and cure according to the instructions (my paint, for example is supposed to be heat set, so I hit it with the iron).

Done! Pretty easy right? I love them. Now I need a hundred more. And a giant closet to keep them in.