Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY: Glitter Peter Pan Collar

Hey everybody, so New Year's Eve was so fun. I went to a party called Glitter 2012. How perfect is that for a party theme? And let me tell you, they were not joking. There was glitter everywhere, on everything. Lest you think I am exaggerating I present photographic evidence. This was the rug:

I love that I'm friends with people who take glitter this seriously. Thank you ladies for being so amazing.
In honor of Glitter 2012, I wanted my first craft of the new year to be glittery too. Peter Pan Collars are everywhere right now, and when I came across this glitter fabric at Hobby Lobby (it was in the aisle with the felt squares), I knew it would make a perfect sparkly collar.

I got silver and gold, but they also had it in red.
To make your collar first you need a template.  You can either download my template, or draw your own. Make the lapel bigger or smaller, rounder or pointier, whatever you'd like. Then trace and cut out two pieces for your collar. 

Once you have your pieces cut out, overlap them just a little in the middle and sew a button to join the right and left sides of the collar.

Here the ribbon is attached on the left side, I still need to do the right.

Then attach two pieces of ribbon to the back of the collar pieces by either gluing or poking a hole and threading the ribbon through and knotting it.  And you're done.

I love it.  And if it looks this cute on a headless mannequin, think of how great it will look on you. I mean, you have a face and everything. Here's hoping your 2012 is full of good friends, glue guns and glitter.