Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween DIY: Lace Mask

Black and White for maximum spookiness.

Wow, I just realized Halloween is 2 weeks away! Are you making a costume? Does your costume need a fancy lace mask? Do you just need a fancy lace mask? Well, whatever you plan on using it for, here is a pretty simple tutorial for making your own.

Black Lace (I usually like a sheerer lace, but this project works better with a lace that has hearty appliques)
Mask Template
Wax Paper
Fabric Stiffener
Black Paint

To make the mask first find a template. I found a couple online here and here but there are plenty more. Before you cut your lace, cut a paper version of your mask and make sure it fits you well. Eye holes in the right place and all that. Once you're sure it is good, pin the lace to paper and get cutting. A good tip is to start with the eye holes first, it makes it a little easier.

Now, lay your mask down on the wax paper and squeeze some fabric stiffener onto it. Use a brush to apply the stiffener to the entire mask, but use more of a dabbing motion than a stroking motion so you don't mess up your lace.When the mask is completely covered flip it over onto a clean piece of wax paper and do the same to the other side. I didn't have to add more stiffener to the second side, I just distributed the stuff that was already there. It is important not to be too generous with the stiffener otherwise it will dry badly, so show a little restraint.

After you have coated both sides flip it onto yet another clean piece of wax paper. I know it seems like you're using a lot of wax paper but one of the keys to getting a good finish is to not let your mask dry in a pool of stiffener. Now using a dry stiff brush dab at your mask to pop any bubbles that may have formed between the lace. Do this quickly before they set, then let your mask dry.

Once it has dried for a few hours you'll want to repeat the whole process, and then let it dry overnight. At this point your mask should be pretty stiff! I noticed a few spots where the stiffener had dried white so I hit the outside of the mask (read: the side that wasn't going to touch my face) with the lightest coat of black spray paint. Finally attach ribbon to the side and you're ready to be Sexy Zorro. Have fun kids, I hope you get lots of treats!

Also, thank you so much to blogtographer Melissa Rudin for taking pictures of the finished product. She's lovely and talented, and she let me pay her in pickles. Best friend ever!

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