Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Manly Scarf Pattern Round Up

Oh, hello...

There are few things in life I love more than a scarf. They're perfect and snuggly and they can get you through basically all the seasons. Plus, they are amazingly fast and fun to knit. I could make myself 100. I have made myself 100. I will make myself 100 more, this you can count on.

But sometimes it isn't all about you, and maybe you have a special dude in your life and you want to be like "look your neck seems like it is probably getting cold, and I'm concerned because I'm fond of your neck, and not just any raggedy cheap scarf you got from Walgreen's is good enough for my dude, because I love you this much, ok?" Or maybe it is just your brother's birthday or something, I don't know your life. The point is you need to make a Manly Scarf, and here are some tips on how:

My, you look cozy.

Fiber choice is half the battle here. I think it goes without saying do not choose anything eyelash-ey or with glitter, I'd also steer clear of any boucle or mohair, you want something that is going to look clean and neat. Some simple acrylic or wool is going to do nicely here (maybe cashmere, if he isn't the kind of dude who leaves things on the bus). Brown, grey, black and blue are all nice colors to default to. But for something more colorful I think a rich purple or dark red mixed with gray could look sharp (vertical strips look great on a Manly Scarf). And depending on his coat, a tweed yarn could also be a nice choice.


When it comes to Manly Scarves I think simple is always the best. You probably don't even need a pattern really, just cast on and work a rib stitch (Scrumptious Living has a nice one here, if you prefer to follow instructions). A seed stitch would also look good if you have a quality yarn. For something fancier try a basketweave, this handsome pattern from Kyoko Nakayoshi, or this Thermal Stitch Scarf from Sew Wrong. Whatever you do, just avoid any stitch that will curl like stockinette. Ruffles are not manly.

Somebody help me, I could do this all day.

  • If you live in a cold climate you may want to knit with two strands together to make your scarf extra thick and warm.
  • Skip any kind of fringe or tassels on a Manly Scarf, they look silly. 
  • Be sure to block your work. I always skip this part because I am lazy, but it really does make a difference.
  • Instruct him to tell anyone who compliments his scarf that you made it.
  • If he fails to do so, steal it back and break up with him.

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