Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Ridiculously Insanely Geniously Easy Way to do Cat Eye Eyeliner

How to Be a Girl: Cat Eyes By Magic! from The Hairpin on Vimeo.

Ever since I was 16 years old and watched my awesome friend use a felt tipped liner to expertly apply her makeup backstage in our dressing room at Hello Dolly, I've had serious cat eye envy. I've tried to replicate this often and sometimes I get pretty close, but my lines are never that precise and they never match up perfectly to each other.  Fortunately Jane Marie just basically blew my mind with a little magic trick involving scotch effing tape that makes it foolproof.  16 year old me is freaking out right now.  Watch the video and also watch out, holiday parties, this lady has a lot of lost eyeliner time to make up for.