Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Awesome Cross Stitch Patterns Part 2

I've put together a little list of some of my favorite etsy shops for truly awesome cross stitch patterns (way better than anything you're going to find at big box stores).  I've seriously been stitching all summer, so go download some cool patterns from independent artists and then someone please come over and help me make a gallery wall in my apartment. Because this art isn't going to appreciate itself, people. 

If you missed it, catch up with Part 1 of the list here.

andwabisabi: This shop is really fun.  Everything is so cute and happy.  There is a smiling peach, and a happy camera, and an adorable face on a stand mixer....and oh my god there is a happy pile of poop.  Okay, you can stitch anything in this shop except for the poop.  Just not the poop.
All Stitches: This shop is kind of like looking in a bin at Marshall's, you've gotta sort the treasure from the trash. And the weird portraits of Jesus...Anyway, like I was saying, the treasures here are definitely her Matryoshka Doll patterns.  I love them. Buy those ones.  Save Jesus for latch hook rugs.

Sewingseed: There is so much to love in this shop, like all the super cute gnomes. But my favorite thing here is how she blends the colors into a cool gradient, it makes a simple pattern so much more interesting looking. Very fancy.
Tiny Modernist: And now for something completely different. Do you spend hours on DWR lusting after your favorite Eames Lounger?  Well even if you can't afford it, now you can stitch it.  Tiny Modernist is a totally refreshing shop, with patterns for design lovers like iconic chairs, vintage telephones and even an airstream trailer. These are the classiest patterns I've ever seen.

velvetelvii: Ok, are we done being classy yet?  Because classy is nice, but nerdy will win my heart every time. Doctor Who, Buffy, The IT crowd, Portal 2, all the good ones are there.  Plus awesome randomly unexpected things like Empire Records and Hocus freaking Pocus.  If you have a cross stitched rendering of Bette Middler in your apartment, you are on a whole other level of awesomeness.