Thursday, August 11, 2011

Horror Movie Festival and DIY Zombie Hand Cupcakes

So, last week was Sam's birthday, and to celebrate we did what I'm sure all of you do: went to a horror movie festival.  What can I say? They were mostly silly cheesy movies with funny special effects, and he is a sucker for those.  We had a really great time and to continue on with the horror movie theme I made these zombie hand cupcakes.  Do you want to know how to make them?  Of course you do!

The carnage.
Step 1. Hack up your Barbies...I'm sorry Summer Cruzin Dolls. These dolls were a buck each at the dollar store.  At first I felt bad about dismembering them, but then as soon as I opened the first one, her leg popped off.  So I considered it destiny.  I pulled their arms off at the sockets, but they were too long, so I used a little saw to shorten them. I'm merciless.

Step 2. Bake and frost your cupcakes. I went with Red Velvet from a box and a homemade cream cheese frosting (I don't have a big problem with box cake, but canned frosting always tastes yucky to me, plus frosting is so easy to make).  Color your frosting green.  I had kelly green food coloring, which seemed a little too cheerful, so I added a few drops of black.

Step 3. Process your cookies to make your dirt. If you don't have a food processor just crush them in a ziplock bag.  You can use any brownish or black cookie. I went with oreo because I thought it would taste best with the cake.  I may have been tempted to use those minty grasshopper cookies though.  Once you have your dirt, use a little spoon to mound some of it on top of each cupcake.  A good tip is to gently kind of  press your mound into the frosting so it sticks.

Finally you're ready to bloody up your arms.  I know the picture is a little bit dark, but basically what you want to do it pour about a cup of sugar into a small saucepan and let it melt over a low-medium heat.  Once the sugar is nice and liquid add food coloring to make your blood.  Sam, the blood making king of Chicago, swears the way to get the most authentic blood color is to add a few drops of green to the red.  

I'm going to be honest, our sugar didn't turn out perfectly smooth.  There were clumps, it wasn't pretty.  Fortunately you only really need a little.  So we used the spatula to scoop up some of the liquid blood and rolled the barbie arms in them until they looked sufficiently menacing.  Then we pushed them into the cupcakes so they were clawing their way out of the ground.

Okay, so maybe these don't scream "Happy Birthday" to everybody, but Sam loved them, as did the people running the festival.  In fact we shared our extras with them, and they were kind enough to give us free passes to The Music Box.  Funny thing though, when we ate our cupcakes we just threw away our barbie arms, but the festival people sucked every last drop of candy blood off of those things. I guess maybe with all the horror movie watching, they're used to that kind of thing.

If these aren't really your idea of a Birthday treat they could be fun for Halloween.