Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mustache Glasses

Everybody loves a good mustache.

Here are some mustache pint glasses I made as a Christmas gift. But you should totally make them for yourself.  You deserve it.

You will need: glasses, armor etch, x-acto knife, contact paper, a sponge brush.

First choose your mustaches. I found some images to trace by doing a google search for "mustache clipart", but you could draw them too if you are good at drawing, which I am not. I chose 6 different mustaches, one for each cup, and traced them onto some contact paper. You can hold the paper up to a bright window to help make it easier to trace.  

Next use an exacto knife to cut out the mustaches and create your stencils. If you don't have a cutting mat you can use the back of an old magazine.

Then apply your stencils to the tops of your glasses and get ready to etch. Make sure the edges of your stencil are pressed down so no etching cream seeps under it and ruins your picture, because once the glass is etched it is permanent.

New and Improved!
Apply the armor etch as directed and then rinse it off. Armor Etch is great, but it can get pricey, so use a coupon.

And you're done.  I chose pint glasses but you could do this on anything really. The store also had beer steins and those cappuccino mugs that would have been cool.

Since this was a gift I packaged it up in a clementine box I got from the grocery store to make it easier to transport. It was the perfect size.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pleased to Meet You

I'm not so great at introductions.  What I lack in social graces I try to make up in blabbering enthusiasm, and let me tell you, that will make you look like a serial killer every time.  But you've made it to my blog, which means you're probably either my friend already, in which case I get a pass, or a total stranger, in which case rest assured that I am pretty fun and I promise I (almost) never kill things.

A few things I should mention, I love making things, so this blog will include a lot of projects.  Also I'm overly fond of commas. I'm working on it, but hopefully this won't be too much of a problem.

So, yeah, that is all for the dreaded first post.  I'm still getting things set up the way I want them around here, so consider this look a work in progress.  In the meantime here is an awesome picture of an octopus ice sculpture, and I'll be back tomorrow with a project.    

Enjoy the blog!