Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome Cross Stitch Patterns Roundup, Or How to Stitch Without an AARP Card

If it isn't obvious by now, I love making things.  Seriously, it is a compulsion, I can't stop.  But sometimes I want to make things without have to pay that much attention to what I'm doing.  That is where cross stitching comes in.  I mean, sure you have to pay some attention to what you're doing, but I love how it is so soothingly methodical.  You can just sit there and watch like 5 episodes of Archer while you stitch and stitch and end up with something cool.

Well, cool in theory.  Unfortunately if you try to buy your pattern at any of the big box craft retailers you're probably going to end up with a sampler of a kitten sleeping in a teacup or something.  That is where this guide comes in.  I scoured etsy for legitimately cool patterns. I love that these all come as pdfs because it is instant gratification, you can buy your supplies separately so you can swap out colors if you want (and probably save money over a marked up "kit"), and it is an inexpensive way to support independent artists. 

flamgirlant: This shop has really great animal silhouettes that you can stitch using cool patterns like chevron, polka dot, and wood grain.  Best of all, I can make a pattern for a plaid owl.  How perfect is that?

Fox & Feathers: While checking out this shop I really liked how beautifully all the patterns were designed.  Cross stitching has a tendency to look really boxy in my opinion, but many of her patterns have lovely curves, like my favorite, this pirate ship.

bombastitch: I first came across the awesome bombastitch at the renegade craft fair this summer and I was so impressed with the variety of patterns in her shop.  A little bit of pop culture, a little bit of vital organs, a little bit of binary code.  Basically something for every occasion. 

The Princess Bride

weelittlestitches: This shop is so neat.  I'm in love with the Pixel People, little cross stitch renderings of your favorite characters.  Sam has already requested the Dr. Who set, while I'm partial to Ghostbusters.  She'll also stitch up a custom Pixel People Portrait from your photos, which would make a great gift.

thetimeisnow: This shop technically only seems to be selling 2 patterns.  But they are Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. And I ask you, literary types, what more do you need?

Needles and Pins: I love everything in this shop.  Seriously.  It is definitely for adults only, but nothing makes me laugh more than Anchorman quotes and daintily embroidered curse words.  This is why I can't have children, because if I did I would put this stuff in their rooms and when I went to change their diapers I would just laugh and laugh and laugh. 

Pickle Lady Farm: Ok, I guess we have to end on a classy note.  This shop is an all around mvp.  Some fun nerdy things, more cool animal shapes, and some hip tattoo motifs for those of you who would rather plunge needles into your fabric than your skin.  Overall, this shop is a winner.

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